New canal boat sales

New Boat Sales

France Afloat and its partner Aquarelle are agents for EuroClassic Boats and Linssen Yachts.

EuroClassic boats are traditional barge style cruisers and are built both for our fleet under a charter management scheme and for private use. The charter management version does have a required specification to fit in with the other vessels in its class and you can find more details about this on the Charter Management page. For private use, the layout and specifications are entirely your choice and they can be fully equipped to suit your requirements.  For further information on the boats please visit the EuroClassic page or send an email to Steve

Linssen Yachts are one of the premier builders of quality steel boats in Europe. They range from 9m to 17m and are produced in the Grand Sturdy range in two versions,  the Sedan and the AC (Aft Cabin) and in the Variotop range. The quality of the build and the finish of the boats is second to none and these boats are highly sought after. They are suitable for both inland and maritime use and exist in single and twin-engine models. They are displacement boats and so are built for comfort and not for speed! Linssen do not differentiate in quality for boats that are destined for charter or private use. They only build one version, “the best” as the majority of their craft are destined for private use. However, we already have a number of Linssens in our fleet and are happy to accept them under the charter management scheme. Increasingly, charter customers are looking for a better quality boat; something distinct from the usual charter vessels and there is nothing more distinct than the quality of a Linssen.   You can find out more on the Linssen range by visiting the Aquarelle web site.