Charter management

Charter Management

Charter Management gives you the chance to enjoy your boat with reduced cost to yourselves and to earn an income into the bargain.

France Afloat accepts privately owned boats into its charter fleet. This offers you the chance to earn an income from your boat, and to enjoy cruising with it, while France Afloat take on the running costs and promotion.

The principle is that that you remain the owner of the boat and that France Afloat takes on the day to day responsibility of the boat, at their cost, ensuring that it is well maintained, taxed, insured and promoted.

You then earn a return on your investment, sharing in the charter income and you still have use of the boat for holidays into the bargain.

Our contracts are usually for an initial period of 5 years and at the end of the 5 years you can sell the boat, renew the contract, or sail off into the sunset.

The attached document gives a summary of the operation of the scheme and some basic facts and figures as a guide. However, as a family business we are flexible in our approach and so if you would prefer more income and less holiday, or vice versa, we can specifically tailor a contract to suit you.

We have been operating the charter management scheme for over 20 years and have had many satisfied clients from all corners of the globe. One of the great advantages of using quality steel craft is that they hold their value with a very low rate of depreciation. Indeed, many of our customers are able to sell their boats after a period in charter for close to its original value. This is something that cannot be said about most fibreglass charter boats.

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