France Afloat is unique in being both a family business and actually being based in France. We have all lived and worked on the inland waterways of France for many years and can offer the friendly, informed, personal advice that you need to choose the perfect boating holiday. No other company offers such a wealth of knowledge on the boats, the regions, sites and scenery and all this advice is only a phone call away.

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Linssen Boating Holidays

Linssen the builders of luxury motor yachts are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the steel boat world. Built in Holland they are usually destined for private owners who often wait years to acquire the boat of their dreams. Now, through “Linssen Boating Holidays” these boats are available to charter throughout Europe. France Afloat is the French official partner and is proud to be associated with such a prestigious boat builder. To see other members of the Linnsen Boating Holidays network …

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France’s most stunning waterfront

Auxerre on the river Yonne and Nivernais canal is a little known gem. With its Cathedral and Abbey dominating the skyline and complemented by medieval old town, there is nowhere that can rival this view. Auxerre once boasted 27 churches and was one of the most important towns in Christendom. Today its glory days are gone but the beauty remains. Walking through the old town is an experience not to be missed and sitting at one of the cafés …