Besançon (Doubs)

The Petite Saône is one of the most beautiful rivers in France, with few locks and lots of places to swim. Villages with stone houses are strewn along the picturesque stopping points, such as Port-sur-Saône, Ray-sur-Saône and, towards the South, Auxonne. Many specialties await you there, including morel dishes in particular. The river Saône is also a paradise for fishermen, with its pike and perch. To the north, the Canal des Vosges passes through the forest to Fontenoy-le-Chateau and Épinal, famous for its images. The Rhône-Rhine Canal takes you to the foothills of the Jura. Between Dôle and Besançon, the river Doubs has been canalised and passes between spectacular cliffs. The arrival in the citadel of Besançon is splendid and is preceded by either a complete loop of the river Doubs or by a 394 m tunnel, which passes underneath Vauban’s construction.